Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Faces are Catching Up!

On July 11th, Sophia started keeping a daily log of how I feel. Before she eats breakfast in the morning, she sits down at the calendar on the refrigerator and asks how I would rate the day. Here is the system she is using:

Sad Face: I am extremely stiff and not able to do much of anything that day.
Straight Face: I am feeling okay and can do limited activity.
Happy Face: I still have some stiffness but can do almost all activities.

According to Sophia, since July 11th, I have had almost as many happy face days as I have had sad (2) and okay (4) days combined. We are treating this as a success!

*Note: I have spent the last hour trying to figure out how to download smiley faces. I am now asking myself, "Is this blog really that important?" I have spent an hour of my time, I have no smiley faces, and I now have junk that keeps popping up on my screen telling me that the default search change attempt was blocked. It is driving me insane!!!!! You would not like to see the face I have now. Luckily, Sophia is still asleep and doesn't have to see it either.