Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celebrating Illness

I like to see the sunny sides of things. I feel like we can either focus on the negative, which can potentially drain us of all energy or we can find the positives. I believe every situation that happens in our life has positives, we just have to search harder for them sometimes. Focusing on the positives that have happened in my life because of rheumatoid arthritis makes this illness so much easier to handle.
As I celebrate many things this year: FIVE YEARS WITH RA, 4 YEARS OF EATING A GLUTEN FREE DIET and 1 YEAR OF BEING MEDICATION FREE, I thought it would be fun to celebrate together. If you would like to participate, I am asking all my readers who are living with a chronic illness, chemical sensitivities, food allergies or other to share five good things that have come from your illness. I know, it might take some work, but think of the awesome feelings we will be spreading to each other. As each one of us reflects on our own positives we can bask in our will own individual strength and then as we read the positives of our blogger friends, we can share in their strength. Think of all the positive feelings that can be spread. Feel free to share five things here in the comment section or five things on your own blog. Email me at if you would like for me to mention that you posted on your blog.

Although I have found many positives on this five year journey, these are my five favorites:
1. I have learned how strong I really am as a person. That strength encourages me in other areas of my life now.
2. I have learned to really listen to my body and trust it.
3. Friends! Friends! Friends! I have met so many wonderful people on this journey, each experiencing their own difficulties. I have learned from each person I have come in contact with and gain strength from them.
4. As a family, we have become healthier eaters which in turn has also made us more environmental friendly people.
5. I have learned to "let go", share my feelings and to ask for help. These may all seem like easy things for many people, but for me, I have really had to work at it.