Monday, August 14, 2017

Blog Acknowledgment

I've been blogging a long time about my journey with rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes though, it still surprises me that people read what I am writing. Thank you to all who do. You are appreciated.
Being included in the amazing group of advocates who participate in Joint Decisions has been a real thrill. Not only have the other bloggers been amazing, but the folks at Janssen have really listened to our voices and made us feel welcome.

My fourth year of being included in this list. Thanks Healthline! It is a true honor.

Wow! This is great. How did I get so lucky?
 Check out the other 40 here.


  1. All well deserved Cathy. You have one of the top RA blogs around, mostly because you are an incredible writer.

  2. I agree with Rick. So well deserved. You have a wonderful way of sharing your journey. Thanks for taking us all along with you. Hugs.