Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Growing up in Kansas, the smell and feel of rain was always comforting to me. The sound of thunder and the sight of lightening felt so peaceful. Neighbors would gather outside to watch the skies and we would secretly hope for a power outage so we could sit in the dark with candles and our family.
I woke up earlier this morning to the sight of lightening. Unfortunately, the comforting feeling is gone. I was barely able to roll over in bed my body was so stiff. It feels sad to now dread something that once brought such peace.
The research on arthritis stiffness and weather seems to vary. My rheumatologist didn't seem to believe there was a correlation. However, my husband first noticed it with me. Whenever there is a shift in weather, my body stiffens up. I so want to trust my body to heal, but days like this feel like I have been defeated.


  1. I remember sitting on the porch with Daddy and sometimes the sky would get almost yellow. I always thought that was so cool! I loved to sit and watch the storms. I still love a good thunder storm but it doesn't seem like we have them here nearly as often. I'm sorry they bring you extra stiffness now. Keep up your positive attitude and I hope you feel better!

  2. i hope you feel better too!!


  3. Storms are the is amazing to me that rheumatologist think there is no correlation when everyone I know that has RA or really any form of arthritis feels as though they are dying when a front, storm, or just rain comes through. I think I should become a weather forecaster due to knowing it is coming before there is even a cloud.