Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers VS Merrell Barefoot Shoe

Throughout the summer months I was mostly barefoot or wearing my Vibram Five Fingers.  The results of wearing little to no shoes have been amazing.  My feet not only look stronger but my not so cute hammertoes actually look as if they are straightening out.  (This observation came unsolicited from my husband and I totally agree.)  The greatest result - little to no pain in my feet, ankles, and legs over the summer months.

Along comes September and I am out of shorts and back to business casual clothing.  This also means I am back to wearing shoes.  My feet aren't happy.  In fact, they have been protesting loudly.  When I slip my feet into my supportive Dansko sandals or clogs, my toes begin to scream within the first hour.  I can feel my hammertoes trying to curl up even more than they are already.  I feel bad for the little things.  I try to give them as much relief as possible by wearing sandals rather than the clogs so that they can wiggle around throughout the day, but they still aren't happy.  

I decided last week to break down and buy another pair of shoes.  Although I most likely won't be able to get away with wearing my Vibram Five Fingers to work, I might be able to get away with wearing Merrell's Mary Jane barefoot shoe to work.  My son Alexander owns a pair of the Merrell barefoot shoes and really likes them.  I felt hopeful.

I ordered the shoes and wore them out the first day feeling optimistic.  My daughter was happy that I was out of the VFF when we went shopping as they are a little embarrassing to her.  They felt light weight like the VFF and I could right away tell that my hips and knees were going to like them.  However, after shopping with Sophia, I got into the car and immediately took the shoes off.  I couldn't keep them on my feet one more minute.  My toes hurt and the rest of my foot felt numb.  I had such hope that these minimalist shoes would feel as good on my feet as my VFF, but in the end, the results were the same as with my supportive Danskos.  So, they are being returned.  

By the way, I took my VFF to a shoe repair store and they can't fix the hole.   I am sad but determined to keep wearing them until they can't be worn any longer.