Thursday, July 3, 2008

Acceptance = Happiness???

When I was keeping up with my hair coloring, the new hairs peeping through my scalp were not welcomed. They signified another $50 and one hour of my time that I would need to spend to cover my scalp in more chemicals. However, now that I have joyfully made the decision to let my hair return to its natural state, I find the new growth beautiful. I like the mixture of grays and blacks and browns that are coming in. I wonder how many other things in life I would like better if I only became more accepting of them.


  1. I think that the more we just accept the happier we would be too! I'm glad your happy with your decision to go back to your natural hair color.

  2. It looks better than ever because it is more natural. You look beautiful!

  3. You made a great decision to go gray -- what a lovely color gray is. Only because of cultural conditioning have woman dyed their hair -- and at the behest of the chemical industry. Congradulations! I'm living gray and feel great. -- Barbara, Kindred Homestead

  4. looks great!
    we are hoping to go down at the beginning of august. probably either the 7th or 12th, we don't want to go on a weekend because prices will be much higher. when are you leaving?