Wednesday, October 15, 2008

41 Years Old!

Today I turned 41 years old. However, the party started Sunday when Sophia decided she could not wait any longer to give me my gift. She "just knew I would love it." So, Alexander quickly finished his gift and we had an early celebration.

Alexander and Sophia have always made birthday gifts for me. Somehow, someway they come up with these creative ideas for me and figure out how to complete the project on their own. This year Sophia sewed a shawl for me and Alexander made me a wooden box and then woodburned "mom" and hearts on it. Aren't they beautiful? (the gifts and the kids?)

My mother in law Sheryl surprised me with a package in the mail yesterday. She made me a new apron. The last one she made for me was when I was still teaching 5th grade. I used it when my class did cooking and I am still using it some 15 years later in my own kitchen. I am so excited. Now I can actually clean the other one.

My gift from Steve is sitting on the table to open tonight. I am being good and not opening it even though the box says, "Eddie Bauer".

Thanks also to Mom for the wonderful book. I have started reading it and love it! You always know what I will like.

Thanks to Steve, Mom, Dad, my siblings (Mike, Sherry, Danny, Robyn and Stacey), Alexander and Sophia, my friends and all my other family for being a part of my wonderful 41 years on this earth. You have all added so much to my life!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great celebration. I love colorful aprons...yours is so pretty!

  2. Happy Birthday Cathy~ What a great way to celebrate, with such lovely friends and family surrounding you. I hope you will continue to be given the gift of good health. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Happy Birthday Cathy!!! I love all the gifts you received!! I did a birthday post on my blog for you. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT CATHY!! you still look 30 :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish I knew yesterday. Your shawl was beautiful. In other news, I wonder how that went when you waited for your son to watch that foul mouthed Pearl.

  6. Happy Birthday!! It looks like it was a great one!!