Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day!

Steve IM'd me early this morning that the lines at the polling booth were not long. However, the line at Starbucks, rewarding voters with a free cup of coffee, was very long. Hmmmm...... I know Steve has been looking forward to the free coffee all week! Hopefully it motivated others to get out and vote today!
Since I have more flexibility in my day, I choose to vote after my morning tea, walk with Izzy and shower in hopes that all the employed folks would be long gone.
One of the advantages of Alexander and Sophia being home with me during the day is they had the experience of voting with me. This year we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and rode our bikes to the polling booth. I was able to explain the ballot to the kids and they filled in the bubbles for me. They both wanted a chance to vote for Obama, so one filled in the bubble and the other went over the first one to make sure it was filled in just right. I felt proud having them with me today, experiencing the pride that comes with voting. They both are wearing their "I voted today" stickers.


  1. Very cool. I love that you got to take Sophia and Alexander with you.

  2. I agree that it took longer to get my coffee than it did to vote this morning.

    I also agree with your vote. :)

  3. The kids and I are walking down as soon as they get home from school so "we" can vote. They are very excited!

    We aren't going to cancel out your vote!


  4. I voted for the first time this year, and it felt great, especially when Obama won!