Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pizza Fusion Is Open

Pizza Fusion is open!!! I have been waiting for some time for this restaurant to open not only because they offer pizzas with organic sauce and veggies and hormone free meats and cheeses, but because they also offer a gluten free pizza crust!!!!

The kids and I were on our way to our homeschool group yesterday when we realized they had opened. We ran in quickly to grab a menu and then called in our order before leaving group. When we arrived to pick up our order, the owner/manager gave us a quick tour of this eco-friendly restaurant. The counter is made from recycled glass, I believe he said the wood floors are bamboo, the brick is recycled from a tear down, the toilets use less water, the light bulbs reflect the natural light and the insulation is made from blue jeans. Pretty cool, huh?. Just sitting in the restaurant makes you feel you did something good for the day.

Now, about the pizza. The gluten free pizza only comes in large. So, we ordered a large gluten free pizza (feeds 2-3) for Alexander, Sophia and myself and a personal pizza for Steve. It was awesome! It was like eating a thin crust wheat pizza. Wonderful!

The only problem was the price. A large pizza is $13 but an extra $7 is tacked on to make it gluten free. We were fine with a large for the three of us yesterday because they kids had lots of St. Patrick's Day snacks at our homeschool group, but generally, we would need more food. So, that would mean buying two large pizzas for $40 and then another $10 for Steve's pizza. On occasion, that will be fine, but not something we can indulge in often. However, I am just happy to have another gluten free option. Thank you Pizza Fusion for thinking of your gluten free friends when creating a menu.