Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

I find it fascinating to learn how families celebrate Mother's Day. Some families have big get togethers centered around food and some buy fancy gifts while others give a single flower. Each family has its unique way of celebrating and acknowledging the love we have for our mothers.

When Steve and I started our journey together as parents, we decided to celebrate Mother's Day/Father's Day in a quiet way. Although we admire the others parenting style more than words can say, we have never really wanted to center that appreciation around gifts or on one day of the year. Instead, we have tried to show our children and each other that appreciation daily by treating each other with respect, complementing each other in front of the kids, helping each other, etc. So, generally our day is fairly quiet. When the kids were little, they started making gifts for me which I totally love and in the past we have either cooked out or bought take-out to enjoy at home and avoid the crowds. Nothing too elaborate. I like it. It suits us well.

So, how do you celebrate Mother's Day?