Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sitting Cross Legged

Yesterday our homeschool group met at the park. It was a gorgeous day and my knee was feeling wonderful! For the past year, I have avoided the moms sitting on the ground because I knew I could not sit down and then get back up without totally embarrassing myself. However, yesterday I felt confident I could both sit down and get back up easily and I did.

There is even better news though. As several other moms joined us and I was drawn into the conversations, I looked down and realized I was sitting with my legs crossed!!!!!! I love to sit on the floor with my legs crossed and for the last year have not been able to do this. Yet, when I looked down yesterday, that is exactly what I was doing. I said, "Look at me!" Everyone looked at me like, "What is this lady talking about?" I explained how excited I was to be sitting cross legged as not everyone in our group is aware of my rheumatoid arthritis. (If a camera would have been nearby, I would have asked someone to take a picture I was so excited) I kept hoping the kids would come over and see me because they would have got it right away. When I told them in the car, they were so happy for me. Lucky me!