Saturday, August 29, 2009

Winning Streak is Over (For Now)

My winning streak with rheumatoid arthritis has come to an end for now. A week of rainy weather in the Chicago area has left me limping again and awake with a shoulder that won't stop throbbing. What makes the shoulder pain hurt more than anything else? I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, but this is unbearable. My only hope at the moment is that the pain in my shoulder is generally short lived.

I feel like rheumatoid arthritis has taken control of my life right now. It has sucked the positive thoughts out of my mind and replaced them with feelings of frustration, loss and panic. I know the visions of a healing body are within me, but right now they are hiding. They are afraid of being hurt, afraid of being let down. So for the moment, I will let them hide deep within me where they are safe so that they can come out in a few days and motivate me to keep going again.


  1. Cathy, you amaze me. You are so good at writing from your heart the feelings that you have. I so sorry that you are challenged these days. My heart sends you love and hugs and prayers for that "sun" to come back in your life.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!! The good days have been out weighing the bad days.....we're all rootin' for you!!

    Love ya!

  3. Cathy it's a blip - hugs and warm wishes - it will pass soon. Bloody rain!

  4. Such a roller coaster I know. I understand and send healing thoughts your way.

  5. Here's something that might help. Acupuncture is helping my ankle. I'm still having pain but it's better.

    I know that doesn't help your pain but this might. I have found myself when I'm getting extremely frustrated with the pain saying to myself "my body can heal body wants to heal itself." Yes, you are walking through my mind when I am feeling my most vulnerable.

    So just remember that we may feel down and hurting but there is someone out there thinking of us and growing from the things we say and do.

    I hope that you're feeling in tip top shape soon, this weather has been a serious bummer, huh?

    Gentle (((hugs)))

  6. I am so sorry Cathy. I did not know how much you were hurting. I knew that something was wrong yet wasn't aware how bad you felt. You came all this way to see us with hours of driving and we so much appreciate it when you may have wanted to stay home. This will pass and each moment you are in this know that the elimination of RA is taking place. Releasing more each day. I send you loving healing energy and knowing your body can let it all go. Thank you for spending the day with us and thank your family. We will place your name on our wish well board and the kids I work with will send you the healing loving energy from each of them knowing your body no longer has to hold onto the pain and dis-ease!!! Love you my dear friend.

  7. Thank you for all the encouraging words. Today is better and I know that your comments helped bring the healing on quicker. :)

  8. Cathy,
    I'm sorry that the rain had to bring your good days streak to an end. I hope it passes soon and your good days will return.