Saturday, May 14, 2011

Health Concerns?

On Saturday mornings Sophia and I like to go to a free community yoga class.  Each month a different yoga studio hosts the yoga class which allows us to experience a variety of yoga styles. 

This morning the yoga instructor greeted each of us and asked if we had any injuries or other health concerns she should know about.  I heard almost every person ahead of us mention different areas of their bodies that caused concern - knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, etc.  When she got to us, my heart was beaming as I answered, "No."  I didn't have any health concerns to share with her. 

What?  Don't I have rheumatoid arthritis?  Isn't that a concern?  It is. But my joints are doing fantastic right now. My strength and flexibility appear to be near their "pre-RA" level.  Plus, I know when something feels like it is putting pressure on a joint that I will stop.  I know my body well and I will listen to it.  I don't have anything to prove.  I have seen how far I have come in this last year and I know that what I am able to accomplish is amazing. As I sat and listened to the people after me explain their aches and pains, I felt extremely proud of myself.  My body is doing great work!