Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updating From a Little Girl to a Teen

The color is called "high drama". 
I hope that is not an  indication
 of how we will spend the teen years.
Sophia will turn 13 on Thursday!  For her birthday this year, she asked if we could update her bedroom that was painted pink and green when she was five years old to something that reflects who she is now.  Over the weekend she and I, with a little help from Alexander and Steve with the very manly things, painted her bedroom.  It was so fun!  She always tends to amaze me with how focused and determined she can be.  She wanted to do a nice job and kept a watchful eye out for me that I played my part in doing a good job too. 

We completed three walls in red and one wall in white with black trim yesterday evening.  Everything is in place and it is exactly what she wanted.  Yay!  She described her room as "a little bit hippy and a little bit modern."  I loved that this birthday gift was one that she and I could share together.  As she develops her own distinct thoughts and opinions, we do tend to butt heads at times, but in the end we always seem to enjoy each other's company.  I am glad that at 13 she still values my opinion and WANTS me to share in these experiences because they definitely leave my heart feeling happy.