Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review of Ugg's Adirondack

As many of my RA friends know, our feet can take a beating.  Finding the perfect pair of shoes is no easy task.  Trying them on in the store and finding comfort in no way guarantees that same comfort after walking in a pair of shoes for more than fifteen minutes.

I am on my feet a lot.  I walk every morning with my dog and I stand for hours at a time teaching classes.  Finding a pair of shoes that work with my individual feet is crucial since the way my feet feel often determines how my knee, hips, and back may also feel. 

Late fall/early winter I began an all out search for the perfect boot.  I needed something that could withstand the snow and salt of a Chicago winter, keep my feet snuggly warm, and not create pain.  After many, many returned orders to Zappos, I finally found a boot that I am happy to call my own - Ugg Adirondacks.

The Adirondack II is a premium cold weather boot. The leather and sheepskin upper combine to provide you with protection while the genuine sheepskin and eVent™ lining inside give you comfort and warmth. - Zappos (my favorite place to buy and return shoes because they make shopping easy and they carry small sizes.)

I know for many with rheumatoid arthritis, a supportive shoe is best for their feet.  I haven't found that to be the case for me.  In fact, the brands I tried that worked for others killed my feet almost instantly. This boot does offer a wide toe which I have found to be mandatory in my shoe selections, but it doesn't offer a lot of support. It feels more like wearing a heavy slipper.  The surprise I had with these boots is that even on the worst of this mild Chicago winter, I didn't need to wear socks. The inside of the boots are completely lined in sheepskin! In the past I would wear a couple of pairs of socks on my morning walk in an attempt to keep my feet warm (it didn't help) and the results were that I felt the circulation was being cut off in my foot.  With the Adirondack, I never wore socks and not once came home with cold toes.  Cold fingers, yes, but NEVER cold feet.  I have worn them all winter as my shoe of choice for morning walks and to work and they have proved to be a good friend.  My only complaint is my feet would sometimes get too warm when I was teaching.  But pain in the balls of my feet and into my toes, never!!!!

With an early spring this year, I have had to move away from my Uggs and back into my Vibram Five Fingers.  Although I love my Uggs, there is a certain freedom to being back in these minimalist shoes.
  Plus, I have purchased two new pairs of minimalist shoes for this spring and summer that I will do reviews on soon:

Ozark Sandals 

Sanuk's  Donna
And of course I will be spending a lot of my nonworking hours barefoot, my number one choice.