About Me

Welcome to The Life and Adventures of Cateepoo! Cateepoo is a nickname my husband Steve gave me early in our marriage that makes me feel playful and happy. I am a momma to Alexander and Sophia.  Being a mom is my greatest contribution to this world! I have AMAZING kids. I also teach adult English Language Learners. I love my job! I like the simple things in life: hearing my kids laugh, bike rides with my husband, watching my dog run, and smiling at people on walks. I continue to believe that our body wants to heal and will heal once we have found the right path. Living with rheumatoid arthritis has been a learning experience for me.  I have followed several different paths that have taken me down a 100% alternative route as well as a conventional route. Currently, I have found a happy spot by integrating the two together.  Through my journey, I have discovered a strength I never knew existed and  have been able to use that strength as a volunteer Board member of Show Us Your Hands! an organizations whose aim is to unite and inspire the inflammatory arthritis community.   My goal on  my blog and through my volunteer work is to promote the most important lesson I've learned through living with rheumatoid arthritis - no matter what life brings you, there is always reason to be happy. 

To hear Cateepoo, written and performed (guitar and vocals) by my husband Steve of Hearing Shadows, go here.