About Me

Welcome to The Life and Adventures of Cateepoo! Cateepoo is a nickname my husband Steve gave me early in our marriage that makes me feel playful and happy. I am a momma to Alexander and Sophia. I also teach adult English Language Learners. I love my job! I like the simple things in life: hearing my kids laugh, bike rides with my husband, watching my dog run, and smiling at people on walks. I continue to believe that our body wants to heal and will heal once we have found the right path. Living with rheumatoid arthritis has been a learning experience for me.  I have followed several different paths that have taken me down a 100% alternative route as well as a conventional route. Currently, I have found a happy spot by integrating the two together.  Through my journey, I have discovered a strength I never knew existed. My goal on my blog is to promote the most important lesson I've learned through living with rheumatoid arthritis - no matter what life brings you, there is always reason to be happy. 

To hear Cateepoo, written and performed (guitar and vocals) by my husband Steve of Hearing Shadows, go here.