Monday, July 13, 2009

Accupuncture Week #4

My acupuncture treatment was good today. As of Friday night the swelling in my knee was down again and I was able to move around pretty easily. Today Jim continued to work on my left knee and also focused some attention on my left shoulder which went into a flare last night. The flare ups in my shoulders are always extremely painful but also very temporary. Generally within 24 hours they are gone. So besides the acupuncture, Jim massaged/manipulated the shoulder area before I left. OMG! It felt good. Also, I brought all my supplements in and had him muscle test them to make sure they are still a good match for me. We were able to combine a few into a new supplement and eliminate one. Overall, a good visit. If this week is good, then we will start spreading out the treatments!

My instructions for today are to make sure I use my knee. That shouldn't be difficult. We are going grocery shopping, taking Izzy to a vet appointment, taking a long walk with Izzy and a few other things. Then to make sure I have some down time I have a new book I am going to start reading to the kids today. Maybe I can even sneak in a nap. I love afternoon naps!

Sending healing thoughts to each of you today.