Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's the Simple Things in Life that Make Me Smile

When I look at my life as a whole, it is the simple everyday things that make me the happiest.  This sweet border collie of mine makes me smile every single day.  Whether it is early in the morning when she army crawls her way between Steve and me for some lovin', when she runs at full speed in the backyard while I play ball with her, when she is frightened by the noise of a new toy, when she follows me around the house night or day, or when she comes to me with a ball in her mouth squeaking it to say, "Let's play." She makes me smile when she runs to the door in excitement if asked if she wants to go "bye-bye" (a ride in the car) or when she listens attentively on a walk in the morning.  (Unfortunately, this doesn't happen all the time.) Yesterday she made me smile again with a habit she has of refusing to move from her spot on the driveway when we shovel.  She finds a bed of snow to lay on and refuses to move from that spot.  We shovel around her thinking she will move, but she rarely does.  Even if she does get up for a second, she goes right back to her bed of snow.   She will sit outside for long periods of time letting the snow fall gently on her body.