Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loving With Chronic Illness: Spotlight on ME!

The year 2010 brought a very sweet addition to my life when I became friends with Maya from Loving With Chronic Illness.  Although we have not yet met in person, the smile she shares on her blog along with the  positive energy that oozes out of her in personal emails has been a much needed addition to my list of friends and support.  She is definitely one special gal to have in your life. 

Today I am honored to be a part of her "Spotlight on Chronic Illness."  Please check out the wonderfully nice things she has to say about me here as well as other amazing people she has shared in her spotlights.  Also, if experiencing any chronic illness, you will want to read other posts by Maya where she shares some of the ups and downs of living with Spondylitis as well as some of her poetry. 

Thanks Maya for sharing me in such a positive light and for being such an awesome person.