Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm so Smart: My Response to Raynaud's disease

Winter and morning walks are not a good combination for Raynaud's disease.  However, the many benefits of getting outside everyday and moving outweigh the side effects.   The other morning I was out for my walk with Izzy.  I was dressed in layers and had on my warm winter gloves.  However, about half way through the walk I could feel the tips of my fingers getting really cold.  Rather than go into a panic which sometimes happens when they get this cold, a super smart idea came to me, "use your body."  I took off my gloves and placed my hands on my warm stomach.  Of course my stomach wasn't too pleased at first but within a few minutes my hands were toasty again and I was able to put my gloves back on and head home without a problem.  Thank you stomach for staying so warm and helping my fingers.