Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Rainy Walk

This morning said it was 41 degrees F outside at 6:00AM when I headed out for my walk.  Temps like this are warm enough for my Vibram Five Fingers.  However, when I looked out the window it was sprinkling.  About 3/4 of a mile into my walk, the sprinkles turned into full rain.  I was so glad I chose my waterproof Thinsulated Merrell boots rather than my VFF this morning.  (Shhhh....don't tell my VFF I said that!)


  1. You are so good to walk in the cold and rain! Thanks for continually showing me how lazy I have gotten and fallen into giving in instead of fighting out of my pain!

  2. We've been huddled inside lately because of the cold temps and snow we've been having. Going for a walk, even in the rain, sounds like a good plan right now :)