Friday, June 20, 2008

I Feel Happy! Oh, so happy!

I feel happy today! I slept better than I have in a few weeks and woke up earlier than I have in weeks. While the house was still quiet, I brought my laptop and tea back to bed with me and had some good quality time with the internet. Just as I was getting out of bed for good, Sophia caught me and asked me to lay back down with her to snuggle and talk. This is one of the luxuries of unschooling your children - there isn't any big hurry in the morning. The computer finally called to the both of us and we sat down and did online surveys together for almost two hours! I love that she can predict the answers I will give and vice versa. When Alexander finally made it out of bed (after 10 which is late for him) we convinced him to take some of our favorite surveys. We found out he isn't really a hippie but has the spirit of one! Also, his Star Wars horoscope is that of a Chewbacca. It was nice to wake up to a relaxed morning of quiet time and then laughter with two of my favorite people - Alexander and Sophia! Later today I see a gal that is doing some energy work on me. She is the greatest. Of all the alternative stuff I do, she is my favorite! Then we are off to pick up our first veggies of the season from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I love this time of the year. It is so exciting to see people happily gather to collect organic, locally grown vegetables. To complete this perfect day, it is Friday. That means Steve is home all weekend! I love to be happy!