Saturday, June 7, 2008

Izzy, Our Border Collie

A little over a year ago, this beautiful Border Collie joined our family. I have to admit that in the last year, there have been times that I wondered if we took on more than we could handle. She is a smart, energetic dog that has challenged us on many levels. However, she has brought so much good into our lives that it is difficult to imagine not having her. We always tell her, "you were made just for us." I really do believe it is true. Having Izzy in my life has renewed a patience I haven't had to use since my kids were young, she makes me think, she is my nap partner, she follows me wherever I go, she gets me and/or the kids out walking every day and the time we put into training her is so rewarding when she can show off her tricks for company. Best of all, I have met so many wonderful friends because of Izzy. We now can walk through our neighborhood and people wave to us. Of course we are only known as Izzy's owners, but that is okay. We have met encouraging dog trainers that have supported us through many tears. Our Izzy has opened up a whole new world to us!