Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stuck in the Tub

Yesterday something funny, yet very embarrassing happened. I woke up with stiff shoulders, fingers and knees. Getting out of bed was a challenge! My body craved the warmth of hot water. I felt a little nauseated and feared I wouldn't be able to stand in the shower without passing out but knew I was going to have a difficult time getting out of the tub. I decided to go with the tub. The warm water felt great on my achy, swollen joints but the time came to get out. Since I was the only one awake, I knew I was fine moaning and groaning as I made my way out of the tub. Only, I couldn't pull myself out of the tub. This was the ultimate in embarrassment. I tried sitting in different positions, moving my body around in the tub, etc but I just couldn't pull myself up without slipping. Then I got this brillant idea. I called for our dog Izzy. She came into the bathroom right away. I said, "Izzy, go wake up Sophia." She ran right into the bedroom and started her morning ritual of licking Sophia's face. As soon as I heard her moving around, I called for her. She came in and tried pulling me up. Unfortunately her 75 pound body wasn't able to pull my 120 pound body up. So, she woke up Alexander and together they tried pulling me up. The problem was the places they were holding onto were so painful that they couldn't get a get good grip on me. At this point I was crying hard and felt totally humilited. Then something must of hit a funny bone because in an instant everything seemed funny. I started laughing which made the kids laugh. As I am sitting in the tub naked, we were making jokes about how funny this would be as a SNL skit or wouldn't it be funny if we had to call 911 and the ambulance and fire department showed up. That would be an interesting one to tell the neighbors. "Uh, yeah, I was stuck in the bathtub and had to have emergency help to be pulled out."

I think it must have been the laughter that finally gave us the energy to get me out of the tub. The rest of the day we would just giggle at each other thinking about me sitting in the tub not able to get out.