Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Simplest Things in Life

Louise Hay's daily affirmation for today is I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life.. I thought it would be fun to share some of the simplest things in life that I enjoyed today:

~Laying in the dark at three in the morning discussing life with my husband.

~Izzy rolling over at 3:30 AM for a little rub on her tummy since I was awake anyhow.

~Enjoying a second cup of hot green tea at 6AM while the house was still mostly dark and quiet.

~Remembering how when I took Sophia clothes shopping yesterday she said, "Thank you Momma. I feel so spoiled." (1 clearance dress, 1 clearance shirt, a pair of 40% off jeans and a 40% off sweater that she offered to buy herself) I have the sweetest girl!

~Wearing my new pajamas to bed last night and waking up happy with my purchase. I love comfy pajamas!

~Steve joining us at the farmer's market today and saying, "Once you get our age, this is where all the hot chicks hang out."

~The toddler behind our house was crying this morning as I walked by their house. It reminded me of my own babies and how soothed they would be with gentle words and momma's breast.

~Alexander bought jeans for the first time. He hasn't worn jeans since he was about a year old.

~Sophia wrote a beautiful story last night to submit to American Girl. I was really touched by it. It made me cry.

~Fresh peaches from the farmers market.

~Bike ride to the swimming pool with Alexander and Sophia

~A neighbor friend came over this evening to set up a date to teach Sophia Japanese. When I asked if I can pay her, she said, "NO."

~Feeling good again today! Something I am doing is working right.

What are some simple things in life you have enjoyed lately?