Saturday, September 27, 2008

Connecting Through Walks Together

Yesterday morning I got going early on a walk with Izzy since we had a busy day planned. As we walked at 7:30 in the morning, we were surrounded by fog. It was gorgeous. The beauty of the morning reminded me that if Izzy, our 20 month border collie had not joined our family, I most likely would not be enjoying this type of morning walk.

As I was walking and enjoying the freshness of the morning, I thought about how our walks create a connection between the two of us. When we walk now, she will look at me to know if we are continuing straight or making a turn on familiar paths and she knows if she walks ahead and comes back to me, I will treat her. I have learned that no matter how calm and loving she can be that she is a herding dog that needs control and jobs. I have learned that when I remain calm as she lunges and barks at bike riders that she too will calm down quickly. I have learned that like me, she doesn't like everyone. Some dogs just seem to rub her the wrong way. However, she loves to stop and smell a few friends in the neighborhood just as I like to stop and talk with a few new friends I have met due to my daily walks.

For several months this year I was not able to do any of the Izzy walks. Our connection didn't feel as strong. Once I was back to walking her again, it quickly returned.

As I walked yesterday, I thought, "Maybe like everyone else in the family, Izzy needs a little one on one time with me everyday". Our walks provide that. It lets us get to know each other better. Our walks together let us have a little uninterrupted time to enjoy nature together, to appreciate our personality strengths and weaknesses together and to find friends together. Izzy is a simple joy in life for me.