Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Does this happen to anyone else?

Last winter when I was out in the cold walking Izzy, I totally bundled up - scarf, face mask, gloves, layers of shirts and a coat, insulated shoes and 1-2 pairs of socks depending on the condition of my feet. Even with all of this, my feet, ears, nose and especially my hands got terribly cold. For my hands it was extreme. I got this feeling of panic that if I didn't get inside soon, something bad would happen. I have even had to run home before to get inside because the panic was so fierce. Once inside, I took off my gloves and my fingers were beet red and very painful as they warmed up. I have read it is associated with rheumatoid arthritis and circulation. Last year was the first year I experienced it but even this morning, I had a mild bout of it. I discussed it with the rheumatologist last winter and he of course had a medication for it. The side effects are drop in blood pressure, swelling, etc. No thanks! If you have experienced this, how do you deal with it without taking medications and without avoiding the outdoors?