Monday, June 22, 2009

Acupunture Week 1

As many of you know, I have been fighting my left knee for some time. It flares-up often with pain and swelling. Overall, it has improved about 50% since I started working with my new alternative practitioner. So, to get rid of the remaining inflammation, he has suggested that I start working with an acupuncturist in his office, Jim. Jim has been working with us and knows my story and I feel comfortable with him which is now a "must" for me with any practitioner I work with.

So, this morning I started the first of my weekly appointments with Jim. The appointment was about two hours which included lots of questions, a scan of my meridians to see where there are imbalances in the body and then the acupuncture. Tomorrow I will also start a month long cleansing program. My liver has been a concern for every alternative practitioner I have seen and was even showing some abnormalities during my last few months on medication. Jim feels this may be contributing to my knee's inability to heal 100%. I feel really optimistic about this next stage in my treatment!