Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good-bye Gluten Free Muffin

I have been gluten free/coffee free for almost five years now. However, I still hang out often at Starbucks with my husband or with homeschooling friends. I always get tea and if I am hungry, bring my own snack. So, when Starbucks started offering the gluten free Orange Valencia Cake Muffin, I was thrilled. It was a little pricey to buy every time, but such a treat to have when out. I guess the sales were low and it was decided it was too much of a sweet treat and is being replaced by a nut bar. My husband said the bars are good, but honestly, when I go out and spend money on something I haven't made myself, I want it to be sweet. When our electricity went out a week or so ago, the kids and I headed to Starbucks for a drink and muffin. It was a treat we don't usually give ourselves and it felt nice to know we could go somewhere other than a health food store to buy a treat. So, for me, I am disappointed that Starbucks will be eliminating the gluten free muffin. I am sure the bar is good, but I put enough of the nuts and berries together at home and will most likely just throw my own homemade snack in my purse before heading out.
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