Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Reader

I have always known Sophia would have a love for reading. When she was about two years she wanted to hear Bedtime For Frances over and over. After every reading, the two of us would reenact the story and if I messed up on my part, she let me know. I remember when she was this age visualizing a day where she and I would spend the entire day side by side reading our own books and sharing the details. Yesterday was one of those lovely days. We both spent the majority of our day reading our own books. We took two walks yesterday, both which involved discussing our books. Lovely!

Although I love to write on my blog, Sophia is truly in love with writing. She writes in her journal, she stays up late at night writing stories, books and poems. She gets an idea and can't rest until she has it on paper! I love this about her.