Monday, August 3, 2009

No Alarm Clocks Please!

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The sound of an alarm clock in the morning is the most intrusive thing to me. For many years now I have had the luxury of waking up on my own time schedule. Well, that isn't true. First it was the time schedule of babies who woke me up to nurse and now it is the time schedule of Izzy, our dog. But, I would prefer the whimpers of infants/toddlers who want to nurse and can then cozy up with you over the sound of the alarm clock. And I appreciate the nudges of Izzy in the morning over the loud sounds of an alarm clock. If I really want to hit snooze now, I can ususally talk Izzy into laying down in bed with me if I promise to rub her tummy.

Monday mornings I have an early acupuncture appointment. Early for me anyhow. So last night I asked Steve to wake me up before he leaves for work. He usually gives me a kiss but tries not to wake me. He said, "Why don't you just set your alarm in case I forget." I went on to explain to him that after years of going without an alarm clock to wake me up, I just can't stand the thought of going back. Sophia piped in right away. She totally got it. Since she is homeschooled, she too never wakes up to an alarm clock. Instead she wakes up to her momma's voice or when she has had enough sleep.

I think I am a morning person because I like the quiet. I like being the only one awake where I can enjoy a quiet cup of tea and my own thoughts. Luckily I am able to do that without the loud sounds of an alarm clock.