Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Improvements In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yesterday morning I experienced a warm fuzzy feeling. I was looking over my blog from the last few months and realized that most of my recent posts have focused on my family rather
than rheumatoid arthritis.

Our blogs are very personal and a good indicator of where we are in our life. Looking back over my blog I can see when the pain has been at its worst because most of my posts reflect that pain. Seeing that the last month or more my posts have been about my family shows progress. My body is healing and allowing me to focus on something other than pain. This is a good feeling. I still have days that are bad, but overall my mental and physical energy is improving noticably. I am glad I have my blog to reflect on and to help recognize the progress I am making. I am also glad it is here to share the bad days when needed.

As my body continues to make improvements I wish each and every one of you the same in 2010, whether you are dealing with RA, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or some other life issue. (For those in perfect health, I wish you continued health and hope it rubs off on others.) I hope this new year allows me to share more stories of my adventures with my family and personal growth and less of those adventures that involve the pain and frustration that come with rheumatoid arthritis. Happy New Year!

*Currently I am following the Body Ecology Diet and using a homeopathy remedy that was chosen specifically with me in mind.