Friday, January 22, 2010

Arame, A Sea Vegetable Worth Trying Out

The Body Ecology Diet recommends that each meal consist of 80% ocean and land vegetables. So far I have done deliciously well making sure that my meals consist of mainly land vegetables, but haven't incorporated as many of the sea veggies as I would like. In fact, besides adding dulce to my salads, rolling veggies in nori wraps and sprinkling kelp on my eggs, I haven't tried a lot. But yesterday I added to my list of sea vegetables by trying arame for the first time. Wow! It was not only easy to prepare but didn't have the strong taste that I found with dulce. I just sauteed it with my land veggies and some oil and it was delicious. This is one sea vegetable I will soon be adding to my family's meals.

Since my diet is dairy free I am always looking for foods rich in calcium. Arame is not only rich in calcium but also zinc and iodine. Plus, sea vegetables provide numerous other benefits.

Benefits of Sea Vegetables Include:

Prevent aging and chronic disease

Prevent cellular mutations that cause cancer

Relieve menopausal symptoms

Prevent birth defects

Alkalize your blood

Lower cholesterol

Balance thyroid function

Detoxify your body from heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and carcinogens.

Have anti-inflammatory effects

Control the growth of pathogenic viruses, candida, and pathogenic bacteria

Fight constipation

Lower your blood pressure and reduce tension

Improve your heart health

Contain powerful antioxidants

Did you notice a few of the benefits that would be helpful for those of us with rheumatoid arthritis? To read more about the benefits of sea veggies and find new recipes, check out The Body Ecology website.