Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Feel Awesome Today!

I have shared so many rough days here on my blog that it seems only right to share a fantastic day too. My fingers are bending with ease and although my knee is still stiff it is taking me up and down the stairs without a struggle and walking without a limp. My shoulders feel loose. I just feel good!!


  1. WoooHooooo Cathy! I'm happy for you! Good days can seem rare enough that when one comes along, it really is worth noting and celebrating. I hope that you'll have many more of these to come.

  2. That's wonderful!! As Wren says, a good day is worth celebrating. I'm so glad you've shared it with us.

  3. HIP HIP HURRAY!!! I'm so glad you had an great day! You deserve so many more of them!!

    I love you!

  4. That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you. It makes me smile, too - so many people have been having rough days lately (myself included), and it's so good to remember that good days are possible.

    Enjoy it!

  5. This is great, hope it lasts for a long time.