Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Yogi Tea Joint Support Showing Off?

Yesterday morning as I was waiting for the tea kettle to warm up, I stood reading the Yogi Joint Comfort box and found myself chuckling in a sad kind of way. On the side of the box it reads,

"Yoga to Spread Your Wings: Expand your mind and your motion. Sit with soles of feet together. Hold on to feet with hands, lean forward keeping back straight and chin at 90-degree angle to chest. Breathe slowly and deeply. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Feel your body transform with the strength to soar throughout the day."

Doesn't seem too difficult, right? Well, it is if you are the person most likely drinking the Joint Comfort tea and struggle just to get your knee to bend enough to get up and down the stairs or move from standing position to sitting position in a chair. I know many of us with rheumatoid arthritis do some type of yoga, but this just seemed wrong to have on Joint Comfort tea. Perhaps it is there to inspire us, but instead it seemed like a sad joke put on a box. Maybe it seemed wrong to me because after a few great days my knee is again throwing a temper tantrum or maybe it is because so many of my RA blogger friends are having bad days right now and struggling just to type a post on their blog. Whatever it was, it just felt wrong to me yesterday. In fact, looking at it again today, it still feels wrong.....almost like the gal in the photo is showing off that she can bend her knees so easily when I can't right now.

Here is me doing the same pose. My right knee bends with ease as the Yogi model does, but the left knee just doesn't want to cooperate. Maybe Yogi will use me as their model for Joint Comfort.

Oh, wait, with a little work and a little pain I am not doing too bad. Reminder to Cathy - we don't have to look like the models on the side of tea boxes. We can always make modifications in our workouts. The goal is not to have a perfect pose but to keep our bodies moving!

What would your photo on Yogi tea look like?

*By the way I do love Yogi products and this tea is actually REALLY tasty!