Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off to Visit a New Rheumatologist

I am off to visit with a new rheumatologist this morning. Wish me luck. From her picture (and how quickly I was able to get in) she looks like she might be new to the field. I hope this means new ideas and an open mind. I can't honestly say I am going with a complete open mind, but my primary care physician asked me to just think of this as a second opinion. She is in the same awful offices as my previous rheumatolgist. It is depressing - posters of deformed joints all over the walls. Yuck. How does that make one feel hopeful?

I woke up many times last night thirsty and sweating and could feel my knee swelling again. This is a good reminder to me that even though I have been feeling well on the prednisone, it doesn't solve the problem. Whatever is causing the inflammation is still there. My body is still trying to tell me something.