Friday, June 4, 2010

On A Roll

Today marks the beginning of my third week with low pain and stiffness. I am not sure if it is the methotrexate since I just took week four's pills and the pain/stiffness reduced about two weeks ago or a new supplement that I started at the same time as the methotrexate. This supplement came up three times: a friend that works at the health food store mentioned LOTS of people buy it, a book on pain management discussed almost everything I am doing except this supplement and then what convinced me the most was when a good RA blogger friend recommended the supplement too. It seemed I had to try it. The problem now is I don't know what is helping the most. But the clinical studies showed this supplement worked well with methotrexate and people taking it generally didn't need additional medications. My goal is still to not add on any other drugs and handle this as integrative as possible. Whatever it is - methotrexate, the supplement, or a combination of both - I will accept it! I LOVE feeling good.

On a less happy note, I ran my fingers through my wet hair this morning and guess what came out? Lots of hair. I definitely didn't miss that while off Methotrexate. So, here we go with that again. I was hoping that wouldn't be a side effect this time.

But, no time to worry about hair loss. I am on a roll of feeling good and need to make the most of my good days because with rheumatoid arthritis, who knows how long the good times will last.