Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I was cleaning the kitchen and realized I had forgotten to take my dose of Prednisone. Oops. I have been down to 5mg and figured next week if all was going well, I would eliminate it anyhow, but since I was feeling good and didn't seem to miss the dose, I decided to make yesterday the day. Generally when I reduce Prednisone, I have flu like symptoms for a day or two with joints that are stiff. After a short nap yesterday, that is how I felt and I was a little nervous about what today would bring. But guess what? I woke up feeling less stiff than my new normal and full of energy!!!

What is weird about suddenly feeling well day after day is that it doesn't seem normal anymore. I have almost forgotten what it feels like to not have pain and stiffness and feel like I am trying out someone else's body. I like it, but I keep finding myself thinking, "IF I feel good tomorrow." I guess at this point it is natural to not let your brain feel disappointed if things turn around.

I did make a decision the other night that I wish I hadn't made. One of my goals is to be able to sit on the floor with ease. I love sitting on the floor. I tried it and it didn't turn out like I imagined in my mind and instantly felt disappointed. This is what I need to avoid. With this turn in feeling good I want to take things slowly and do only what my body feels it is ready for and rejoice in that instead of trying to rush and do everything at once. I am learning. Slowly, but surely I am learning.