Friday, July 2, 2010

What did you like about your day?

When my kids were younger, we had a nightly routine where all four of us would snuggle together in bed and answer the question, "What did you like about your day?" I learned a lot from the answers Steve and the kids gave. They were always so simple. We may have had a busy day with lots of money spent on an activity and the favorite part of Sophia's day would be "riding on Daddy's backseat." (Backseat was Sophia's way of saying Steve's shoulders.) Alexander might say, "Showing momma and daddy my new Lego creation." Steve's answer would be something like, "When I played XBOX with my little buddy." I learned from them to look for the little things in the life.....the simple everyday events that bring us endless joy.

Here's my "What did you like about today?" from yesterday :

~A friend sent a link to a rheumatology office in Michigan that does alternative care. My dream is to have a naturopath/rheumatologist team and here is the very first one! I don't live in Michigan but this gives me great hope for Chicago and if I want to drive 4.5 miles, I could even make it a reality now!

~At the swimming pool I heard a mother very gently explain to her toddler that it is unsafe to run near the pool. It makes my heart happy when I hear mothers talking to their children with respect and not yelling at them.

~I went to bed with clean sheets last night.

~The pieces of WWII are coming together for me as Alexander reads and explains to me. I love learning from my kids.

~My body craved the sun yesterday and I honored it with a long walk and time at the pool with the kids.

~Sophia gave me a long hug. It felt good.

~Steve went out after work and enjoyed some time with his co-workers.

What did you like about your day?