Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Not" Back To School Picnic and More Bragging

Today the kids and I celebrated another year of homeschooling at an annual NOT Back To School picnic.

Many friends have been posting pictures of their kid's first day of school on Facebook. This is our "NOT back to school" photo taken before leaving for the picnic.

Sophia on the zipline.

Alexander inside this awesome teepee built by the hosting family.

Sophia and a few friends.

Alexander and a few friends.

This is me sitting in the grass with my good friend Helen. (He-he, I am so proud of myself. No chair needed for these joints today. I absolutely love sitting on the ground.)

And yes, that is me on the zip-line!

Today I shared with some friends how absolutely wonderful I have felt lately. They know the struggle I have gone through and all that I have tried. It felt good sharing with them and knowing that they sincerely feel happy for me. Homeschooling has been good not only my kids, but also for me. I have met some of the best friends ever!