Friday, December 3, 2010

Bath time!

Yesterday afternoon Sophia asked what I was doing.  "I am getting ready to take a bath."  She was surprised and said, "You don't take baths."  She hesitated and then added,  "I guess you have been taking more baths lately."  I explained that since I can now get in and out of the tub by myself, I can once again enjoy baths.  When I was in pain, I had to make sure Steve was home to help me out but generally the pain of maneuvering myself into the tub and then redressing wasn't worth the warmth of the water.

Almost daily Sophia gives me a big hug and says, "I am so glad you are feeling better.  Aren't you glad?"  She said now that I am better, it is almost like all the pain wasn't there.  Fortunately, those memories do leave your mind quickly.

*Update on Enbrel shot:  I have mentioned before that I get a small rash within 24 hours of giving my shot.  I discussed with my rheumatologist changing to a different combination of Enbrel that a few of you suggested.  She felt I might have better success moving to a fatter part of my body - my stomach.  The idea kind of freaked me out so I have been putting it off.  Yesterday I decided to go for it.  The sting was actually less intense!  However, this morning I did wake up to an itchy tummy.  :(