Monday, March 21, 2011

Paleo Car Trip

We just got back from a car trip to Kansas.  We were in the car for about eleven hours each way.  When we travel to Kansas to visit my family, we pack the car ready to eat yummy foods that will fill us up and keep us away from temptations such as fast food, candy filled with corn syrup, and grains.

The last two car trips we took, Alexander and I made Everyday Paleo's Meatball Soup for our *thermos'.  It is not only filling, but full of good ingredients.  We generally also make deviled eggs.  This is my favorite car trip meal.  This time however, my schedule was super busy the day before with grocery shopping, meat coop pick-up, library, and work.  So, I decided to do super simple.

For breakfast:
We started the morning early.  I woke up, put four sweet potatoes in the toaster oven and walked Izzy while they baked.  In the meantime, the kids started the sausage patties and helped Steve load the car.  Together, the three of us prepared a filling breakfast of sweet potato, coconut oil and cinnamon with a side of sausage from our farmer.  Working together, it didn't take much time to prepare or clean-up. Plus, we knew we were starting our day off with full tummies.

For lunch:
Applegate turkey & roast beef rolls - Smear the meat with avocado, add some broccoli/carrot slaw mix from Trader Joe's, and a piece of lettuce.  Roll and put in baggies.  We use a reusable sandwich bag.
For snacks:
Applegate pepperoni wrapped around carrot sticks.
Jicama dipped in salsa (leftover from dinner the night before). Our dog ate the avocado.  :(
Trader Joe's corn chips and sweet potato chips for the kids. (Not exactly Paleo, but not the worse thing we could have on a car trip.)
Coconut flakes.
Lara Bars
Apples, oranges and bananas for the kids.
Chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe's.  (Hey, it is a car trip right?) 
Bottles of water from home.
A few bottles of Trader Joe's sparkling water.

Sometimes we also bring beef jerky, but not this time.

For Izzy: 
She started her morning off with raw meat and veggies before leaving the house.  In the car she enjoyed apple cores and the tiny ends of bananas, plus anything she found laying on the floor of the car or on the ground when we stopped for gas.  :) 

During the trip:
I brought a supply of food plus we are fortunate to have family that is supportive of a gluten free diet and prepared yummy meals for us during the visit.  We did however find ourselves at a restaurant one evening with only one gluten free option on the entire menu.  After going into a slight panic, I accepted the food choice (chicken, spinach, apples and red potatoes) and enjoyed it.  Sophia, however, decided to live dangerously and order a pasta dish.  She has been about 85% grain free for many months now and 100% gluten free.  The morning after her meal, her eyes were super puffy, her bones hurt, and within 48 hours her legs were itching and her eczema had returned.  It was a good reminder of how strongly our bodies fight back after it has been treated with respect.

Traveling is difficult, but with some careful planning and good decision making, you can make choices that keep you feeling happy and full while traveling.  

*Thermos:  Christmas 2009, Steve bought me a thermos for Christmas.  It is by far one of my favorite gifts ever.  I use it at least three times a week.  If I am in a hurry on Tuesday/Thursday mornings, I throw my hot breakfast in the thermos and eat it during break.  When I need to attend a work related lunch meeting, I always bring my own food as I know the food provided will make me sick.  The thermos has been extremely beneficial in me eating well.   At the beginning of this winter we invested in two more thermos' for the kids.  They are about $20-$25 each for a good thermos, but when I thought through how many times we would avoid running by someplace to pick up food when out, it made sense.  They love having hot foods to take with them and of course it makes a momma's heart happy to know they have nutritious food to eat . 

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  1. Wow, how crazy that Sophia's eczema came back so quickly. At least that shows you how beneficial the diet is for her!