Sunday, May 8, 2011

Barefoot Walking

The more I barefoot walk, the more I love it!  Each morning for the last few weeks I have started out my walk in my Vibram Five Fingers and then each day I take them off a little further from home.  Today I did more than half of my two mile walk with Izzy completely barefoot. 

A few things I have noticed about barefoot walking:
  • I find my feet craving to touch the earth as I walk and let them decide now when to remove my Vibrams, which have become easier and quicker to put on with more wear. 
  • I like walking on the hard sidewalks and then finding soft, cool grass to step into. 
  •  My feet are getting tougher and aren't as bothered by little pebbles. 
  •  I notice more about the nature around me.  I now know which tree leaves want to stick to my feet and which don't. 
  •  I am more aware of trees that drop many seeds. 
  •  I notice that when I walk on hills and need to bend my ankles, they freely move with my foot which is so different than when wearing shoes. 
  • I feel light and free when I am without shoes.  I feel less stress on my hips and knees.
  • When I go without shoes for most of the weekend, my feet seem pleased.  The tingling in my toes and shooting pain disappears over the weekend and returns on Monday when I walk in my shoes for hours. 
When I got home today I gave my feet a warm foot bath.  It felt fantastic!