Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Healing Thoughts Requested

Please keep my sister Stacey in your thoughts and prayers today as she undergoes a day long surgery to remove a large benign brain tumor.  A little less than two months ago Stacey was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma.  She thought she was experiencing some sinus issues.  Fortunately she sought out a specialist rather than go through her family physician's routine procedures and the tumor was quickly discovered.  She will lose complete hearing in one ear with a long list of other possibilities.  However, we are not concentrating on the "what ifs" but rather imagining her smiling face as she recovers.

Last summer Stacey (right) and her two boys visited Illinois for a week.  Here we are at Starved Rock.

As many of you know from my blog, Stacey is also my best friend.  She has supported each and every choice I have made along my rheumatoid arthritis path and as an amazing positive outlook on life and whatever it brings.  I do believe our thoughts are powerful and ask that you take a few minutes today to send healing thoughts to her.