Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers at Work

Yesterday morning I planned to wear my Vibram Five Fingers while driving to class and then change into my Dansko clogs before heading into the building.  But when I got to school, I couldn't make the change.  My feet have been so sore lately that I just couldn't bring myself to put on shoes that I knew were going to create more pain when I didn't really need to.  So, I kept the VFFs on and made my way to my classroom.

At first it appeared that nobody noticed my brown ape like feet gloves.  Then, in the middle of presenting a lesson I heard, "Teacher, I LOVE your shoes."  Of course, all 20 sets of eyes moved down to my feet.  I blushed.  One student immediately recognized how comfortable they must feel and wanted to know where she could buy a pair for herself.  Another student said, "Teacher, I thought you forgot to put your shoes on today." 

I admitted that I was a little embarrassed wearing my VFF to school and shared how the pain in my feet has been pretty extreme lately and these shoes were about the only thing I could wear for a long period of time.  My students were very sympathic, "Teacher, don't worry."

Now that the initial embarrassment of everyone recognizing my "weird" shoes is over, I will not hesitate to wear them to this class the rest of this semester. (Too bad I can't wear them to all my classes.) My feet are just happier in them. 

*I mentioned that my right VFF has a hole in it that can't be repaired.  It is getting worse, but for now I taped the inside of the shoe with duct tape and it seems to be doing the trick.  Also, according to Weather.com, the last few mornings it has "felt like" 25 F outside when I head out for my walk.  I have been surprised that my feet are handling the cold in these very light shoes.  When I get home, my feet are about as cold as my hands with gloves, which have also improved.  Not bad.  My Raynaud's syndrome has definitely improved over the last few years.  Perhaps this improvement comes from diet, contrast showers, or possibly from the medications.  Whatever it is, I like it!!!!