Friday, December 16, 2011

The Interruptions of Life

I love jumping into a bed that has been made, even if I have to make it five minutes before bedtime.  When my kids when younger, making the bed was always a slow process.  They would see me making the bed and jump onto the bed requesting I either wrestle with them or throw pillows on them and wrap them in a blanket as if they were a hotdog.  Now, the kids will often help me make my bed but we have sweet Izzy to deal with.  As soon as I start making the bed she runs up the stairs and jumps on the bed looking for a little petting.  If I attempt to get her off the bed, she thinks I want to play with her and gets a little crazy.

It is times like this that I remind myself that one day our house will be quiet.  Alexander and Sophia will have moved on and out of the house and Izzy will have left this world.  These are the good times.  The inconveniences that come with life are really the things that make life worth living.  Stopping to enjoy these little interruptions are the very things that make me happy.