Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meditation and Nature Bring Focus To Life

Many wonderful things are happening in my life right now which means I have been very busy. I don't do busy very well - it has never been a strength of mine.  I become easily overwhelmed with "to do" lists.  I often find myself living two hours in the past or two hours in the future instead of living in the moment.  Living too often in the past or future rather than in the moment makes me crazy. It makes me feel disconnected from myself and the people and things that I love most in this life. To remedy the problem, I am making some changes to my schedule and returning to a somewhat regular meditation practice.

Last week I listened to a guided meditation that asked me to think of times in my life that I felt "in the moment".  It took me a few seconds but then it came to me. Whenever I am in nature, I feel myself get lost in just being. My list of things to do disappears as I enjoy the sun on my face and as my body experiences all the sounds and colors around me. This feeling of "being in the moment" is why I love my morning walks.  Even taking the same path each day brings something new that allows me to focus on what is happening at the time.  This feeling of "being in the moment" is also the main reason I like being in nature with my family - it allows me to totally soak them in right then and there without worrying about anything else.

Here are some photos that bring happy memories to me and remind mo of where I need to be more often.
Hike with Izzy
Hike with kids and Izzy
Camping with my family last summer

2011 Annual Easter Walk

What helps you experience the moment you are in?

For additional reading on getting back to nature, here is a post by Mark Sisson who says, "As Primal enthusiasts, we owe it to ourselves to spend time in the great outdoors – early man’s original stomping grounds."

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