Monday, May 14, 2012


Alexander turned 16 on May 1st.  Rather than having a party with his friends, he asked to go camping with his family.  Yay for us!  While this was a gift for him, I think the whole family benefited from time in nature with no phone connections.  Our lives have been so busy lately that three full days together was exactly what we needed.  In fact, on Friday night when the tents were up, fire was built, and we were settling down I realized just how busy Steve and I have been.  I looked over at him and it was like I saw an old friend I haven't seen in a really long time.  Boy was I happy to see him again.

Below are some random photos of our trip to Door County, WI where we were able to bike a ten mile loop full of awesome scenery, sit by a fire to keep warm in temps that dipped to the 30's at night, and breath in all that nature gives to us but we sometimes forget to appreciate.  A few short years ago, this trip would have been impossible for me to accomplish due to my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.  Last weekend, my hips burned like crazy on the uphill and my knee suffered a little at night, but not enough to stop me from riding again the next morning. Life is good!

The birthday boy!