Friday, October 26, 2012

Be Gentle with Yourself! Rejuvenate!

This has been a crazy, hectic, and stressful week of a teenager running a fever all week, a full week of work, some RA issues and life in general.  This morning was my first morning all week where I wasn't rushed.  I decided to do some gentle things that remind me of who I am and what brings me the most peace and happiness.

  • I slept in until 6:00am
  • I put a batch of pumpkin cranberry muffins in the oven.  Baking just soothes my soul and calms me!
  • I made breakfast for Steve - sausage, eggs and a muffin so that he would have a little part of me with him all day.
  • I drove Sophia to school.  This little bit of time together reminded me that I am not spoiling her by driving her instead of requiring she take the bus, but I am gaining a little time with my daughter that we both needed and wanted.
  • I went for a walk with Izzy enjoying all the beauty of fall.
  • I worked out hard,even including Izzy in my workout today which she loved.  Rather than doing the short sprints by myself, I chased her around the back yard! She loves this!  Me too!    
  • I lit up some incense and meditated in front of the window where the sun was able to shine in on me.

I am curious, what do you do to  rejuvenate?  How are you gentle with yourself?

My beautiful daughter at homecoming.
How does this tie in with  post?  It  just makes me happy.