Friday, October 12, 2012

On the Same Team

Last night was night two of a new class I am teaching.  As students arrived, I asked them about their families and jobs.  When I got to a gentleman in his early sixties, he said he doesn't work. He was just approved for disability.  Of course I asked what his disability is and he said, "rheumatoid arthritis".  I immediately shared with him that I too have rheumatoid arthritis.  He explained his symptoms and I asked what time of the day they are the worse.  He said it changes during the day.  (I was nodding my head as he talked).  I then said, "It is weird because it changes during the day and people are always confused and think......"  Just as I was finishing my sentence we both said at the same time, "you are okay."  We both laughed.

It is funny when you actually meet another person face to face that deals with the same issues as you do.  The connection is instant.  You can never look at the same person the same again.  They are automatically on your team.  Even his wife, who listened quietly nodding her head, became a member of my team.  This is a tough team to be on, but it sure it nice to be in the presence of someone else that really gets what you are talking about.